PlayShed was formed in October 2014.

Our mandate is simple.

Be Inclusive – To be open to all cultures, ethnicities, disciplines and genders. To search out material that sparks dialogue and stays true to the cultural mosaic of the real world. To tell stories that have fallen through the cracks and explore points of view that differ from the norm.

Be Sustainable – To have a minimalist and eco-friendly approach. We think theatre can distance itself from the hyper-realism of film and re-commit to its life blood, spoken word. By choosing substance over flash we can have an environmentally conscious approach to our productions, using found objects or doing without wherever possible. We believe in the magic of imagination and the power of story telling to transcend the need for physical representation.

Be Versatile – To have no set aesthetic and be accepting of all forms and styles. It is important to us to have a mandate that guides, but doesn't limit our ability to adapt. Playshed's objective is to explore questions rather than present ready made answers. To do that, we need to be open to changing minds and our mandate reflects this.


Founding Members

Kristen Gregor, affectionately known as Birdie, is a professional stage manager and theatre artist.Birdie is a graduate of Concordia's BFA program where she specialized in theatre research,management and directing. Her interests have since focused her work on teaching and stage management and she has been working in those fields for a number of years. Coined as a free­spirit before she could walk, Birdie has always been interested in what makes people tick and that has steered her toward positions where she has an affective role in hearing out concerns and effecting change. This has led very naturally into a focus on mis­management and common behavioural problems in the workplace, culminating in her involvement with behavioural workshops for professors at Concordia University. Birdie is a country girl with big city dreams and divides her time, residing in both Montreal, QC and her hometown of Cape Breton, NS, trying to get the best of both worlds.

Jimmy Blais has been a part of Montreal's theatre scene since 2005. Jimmy is a graduate of Concordia's Theatre Performance program. He has since branched out into producing, directing and teaching.

With PlayShed Jimmy hopes to make theatre that makes people feel things; It's that simple really.

Olivier Lamarche_295.jpg

Olivier Lamarche. Actor, writer, producer, creator. Olivier is a Montreal born bilingual artist who lived internationally before coming back to his native city to complete a BFA in Theatre performance at Concordia University.