Workshop details 

When: Jan. 13th&14th / 20th&21st

Time: 10am - 7pm 

Location: DB Clarke Theatre 1455 boul de Maisonneuve West

Price: $175 + tax ($201.21)

Through our agreement with venue management, we are pleased to offer this training at a discounted price to a limited number of Concordia employees. Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible, by following registration instructions below, in order to secure your spot. 


How this works 

Courses will be divided into modules, each taught by a different professional, currently working in their field. 

Lighting (8hrs) - Jon Cleveland

Audio (8hrs) - Rob Denton

Video (4hrs) - Pierre-Luc Brunet

Qlab (4hrs) - Pierre-Luc Brunet

Scenic Elements (4hrs) - Dave Surette

Rigging (4hrs) - Ted Stafford


Get a crash course in each topic, covering essential skills such as,

General system layouts/overview

Equipment & Terminology

Reading plots and paperwork 

Installation, operation and strike

ALL skill levels welcome, subjects will be taught in small groups, with opportunities for hands-on learning. Participants will be grouped, as much as possible, at a similar skill level in order to best serve everyone. Beginners can get the basics, while more advanced groups can cover things in more detail.