Workshop details 

When: No Bootcamp Planned at This Time

Time: N/A

Location: DB Clarke Theatre 1455 boul de Maisonneuve West

Price: N/A

Through our agreement with venue management, we are pleased to offer this training at a discounted price to a limited number of Concordia employees. Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible, by following registration instructions below, in order to secure your spot. 

How it works :

Courses are divided into modules, each taught by a different professional, currently working in their field : Lighting (8hrs), Audio (8hrs), Video (4hrs), Qlab (4hrs), Scenic Elements (4hrs), Rigging (4hrs)

 Get a crash course in each topic, covering essential skills such as,

General system layouts/overview

Equipment & Terminology

Reading plots and paperwork 

Installation, operation and strike

ALL skill levels welcome, subjects will be taught in small groups, with opportunities for hands-on learning. Participants will be grouped, as much as possible, at a similar skill level in order to best serve everyone. Beginners can get the basics, while more advanced groups can cover things in more detail.